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Customer Testimonials

Mr. Cohen,
I just wanted to let you know that I am very satisfied with my recent purchase of the slot machine ebay item #6203455481. This is the first one I have ever owned.

My family and I have had a lot of fun with the machine this afternoon. I had initially bid on the Speed Racer slot machine the other day. I didn't win that bid, but I am currently bidding on another one.

As there wasn't much space in the leave feedback spot on ebay, I really wasn't able to do justice to your company. I was very impressed with the way you presented your slot machines. I had been considering going with another seller, but after seeing your description and the fact that you were willing to back up your merchandise I made my mind up quickly.

After receiving the machine yesterday and the care taken in packing the machine, that confirmed my initial impression of your products.

Rob M 09/03/2005 -----------------------------------------------------------

I would like to take this time to thank you, Marie and your staff on a perfect order of my Super Blackjack machine. As you know I had many issues with other slot machine companies but Stealth Home Amusement is the BEST and the LEADER in this industry. I received my order yesterday on-time and in perfect condition. The packing was awesome and very professional and the foam inside on the machine kept everything in one piece. When I place my next order I would like to add the foam inside again, since I believe that is what helped to get the machine to me in one piece. I know that I can always count on Stealth Home Amusement for any support or issues that I may encounter. All of the reviews that I have found on the web have been outstanding for Stealth Home Amusement. Once I finish building my new home you will definably be receiving several orders from me, as I plan on building a very large game / sports room to house several slot machines and sports memorabilia. I have three other machines and my family loves this new Super Blackjack.
One thing that I noticed is that my packing slip plastic bag was ripped in transit, so I never received a packing slip.
Once again I thank you very much on handling my order professionally.
Your New Customer,
Mike V. -----------------------------------------------------------

Milt, Please accept my thanks. The letter below is for use on your site or eBay ads:

Stealth Home Amusement,

Your company provides some of the most incredible customer service that I've come across on the Internet.

I purchased a pachislo slot machine from your competition. You know the guys that claim they offer a "lifetime warranty". The first time I tried to obtain a replacement part, they refused to honor their warranty. I contacted your staff to see if I could purchase a replacement part through your company. Not only did you provide the part, all the screws, packed it carefully, shipped it quickly - but also charged me a very reasonable and fair price - especially since it was not one of your games!

I'll never buy from anyone else, and I recommend that all slot purchasers look for this kind of integrity when making a purchase decision.

Mike M. Texas - 09/25/2004


Hi Milt! Hope you can use another testimonial from a satisfied customer! I just took delivery on your LAS VEGAS Pachislo for my wife's birthday. She loves slot machines, and I wanted to really give her a great gift. Well - we are BOTH totally satisfied, and after HOURS of playing the VEGAS machine is STILL surprising us with different bells and whistles! We cannot believe this is a used machine. You did a marvelous job reconditioning. It looks brand new inside and out.....and polished to a high shine.

I was worried that the Pachislo would be different than the slots we play, but it is very much the same, and in some ways even BETTER! We actually DO get JACKPOTs, and the bonus rounds are great! My wife LOVES her birthday gift, and your service is just super fast! Super pleasant! Thanks so much for installing the auto stop feature. I appreciated that very much. I can see that the family is going to want another machine some day, deciding we MUST HAVE a casino theme game room, with more than one machine. I can assure you that when these plans happen, we will BUY FROM YOU!

Want you to know that I did look at other machines, found a Vegas machine too. The places that I went to wanted more money and their machines were not anywhere close to the fine condition of the machine you sold me.

We'll be watching your website to see what is new..... Once again, THANK YOU.... Gary & Lisa 09/19/2004


Milt: Wow! I'm impressed! I have purchased a number of machines from you and never had a problem,untill the key snapped off in the CPU (reset switch) on my "Mr. Gang" slot. I called and talked to Marie on Monday at about 11am (west coast time) explained my problem. She told me she would see what she could do.Well come Wednesday at about 11am i receive at my door a replacement CPU. Man talk about service! Thank You so much. Tom L. 07/15/2004 Milt you may use this as a testimonial if you like. Thanks Again


I purchased these two machines from you company and I love them..Everybody loves to play them that comes here. I've actually sent several people to your Ebay listings or companies sales to buy machines after they heard how great they are and your service is. Now my wife and I are going to purchase one for her parents..An Anniversary Gift. From VideogamerDaryll 06/19/2004


Stealth Home Amusement stands out as one of THE top sellers of this product. My Internet research led me thru a maze of merchants offering various levels of availability, technical support, warranty, and general customer service. The reason I settled on Stealth is their presentation of product, clarity of policies and business detail, and the one outstanding feature that closed the decision for me, the owner, Milt. This man is a merchant that will bend over backwards to help and get the customer all he wants and needs, and with no questions, comments, or reluctance at any point. Stealth Home Amusement is 5-Star business, and should be the example for other merchants to follow. Bottom line, IT DOESNT GET ANY BETTER FOR THE CUSTOMER THAN WORKING WITH STEALTH HOME AMUSEMENT!

Mike H. May 2004


Dear demos777,

Thanks for the machine, I am sure if I do have issues they will be resolved. The slot machine was just as advertised, it looks like new.. I truly belive your web site, "if I have problems, call me I am Milt, the owner"...you do better then just marketing, you have great customer service. Regards Gerry B. April 2004


Milt, I just want to say that I have never run across anyone selling anything who was so customer satisfaction oriented. Yours should be the model for all customer service relations in business. I asked for something that doesn't normally come on your machines. You found it and not only sent the items free of charge via Priority Mail, but you added an additional gift that will make my recreation time even more enjoyable. I can't thank you enough. Please add my comments to your Customer Testimonials and know that I am more than happy and satisfied with your company and I know that a great company like yours is due to having outstanding employees. So my thanks go out to each and every member of your staff as well. Thanks again for having a company that is all that your advertising says and more. You've got a customer for life. Wishing you happiness, abundance and prosperity in all that you do.

Ted April 2004


Stealth Home Amusement,

I just wanted to thank you for OUTSTANDING service...I ordered a Arabesque machine from you guys in November. Since I got it I have played it a bit and a bulb went out that was not one of the bulbs shipped with the machine. I thought I would call you and buy another one but when I called and talked to you very helpfull and friendly representitive on the phone she informed me that she would ask the techs and I dont know how you did it but the very next day I recived the bulb in the mail! Free of charge! Thank you guys for the Great help. I want to buy a couple more in the near future and you just won my buisness hands down! Thank you.

Aaron 02/10/2004


Good Morning -

I just wanted to send a few words of praise to Stealth Home Amusement. . . In today's world of BUYER BEWARE and DON'T TRUST ANYONE, ESPECIALLY ON THE INTERNET, it is refreshing to find a company like STEALTH HOME AMUSEMENT. I still cannnot believe all the information that was sent with the machine. A very well put together booklet explaining the operation of the machine has been very helpful. FedEx delivery was great and quick. The machine was exceptionally clean. The newly minted tokens is a nice touch. I also bought another machine from another company on the same day. The comparison is going from Cadillac to Chevette. The delivery was similar with the other company machine coming a day later. That ends the similarity. Your touch with the keys on a coiled key holder at the fixed area is great. The other company just throws the keys in the coin drawer where you always have to look for them. Your web page and information prior to buying is far superior to any competitor. Your new tokens are nice to use. The other company tokens were used and filthy. Your machine was reconditioned / cleaned and looks sharp. The other company just kind of put their dirty machine in a box and sent it out. It is good to find a company that does business the good old fashion way. You should be proud of your business operations. I'm still watching Ebay and your web pages to find more machines at great prices. Again, Thank You. P.S. Only one little problem. When I uncrated the box, I was disappointed at first to find a few broken pieces of plastic coming out of the bottom of the box. It appeared as though the bottom corner got banged and broke part of the bottom of the ash tray on the left side into a few pieces. If you happen to have another ash tray, it would be nice just to make the machine complete . If you don't, it certainly is not a problem.

Neil B. 01/15/04


Dear Mr. Milt,

Last evening I called you about a problem I was having with one of your machines... you tried to walk me thru the process but inevitably we both could not find the solution. You told me a tech would call today and lo' and behold this happened. I talked with your tech, Chip... need I say more? First, we tried to work out the problem, no success... So he went and fired up a similar machine. Mind you I'm a first time buyer of a slot machine so I was so oblivious. While he did that, I locked the damn key to the machine in the reset area leaving me lost. I called back and he was tied up. When I called again he explained to me how to open the unit from the rear. I was able to open it!!!! thanks again Chip. Then he told me to go to a black cap that was supposed to work the joystick....... This cap was never in place to make my unit work. END OF STORY... Thanks to Chip this was a simple solution to what I thought was going to be a nightmare. Please commend all of your emplyees from the ladies who are pleasant on the phone, to the shipping dept. to Chip in service, and to the owner for your fast resolution to what I thought was going to be a disaster. You are to be commended for a fine company and staff!!!!


Barry (a new slot machine owner) 12/05/03



Just wanted to say thanks. Got the machine yesterday and set it up. No disappointment whatsoever. That is why I bought from you, your feedbacks don't lie. I will leave you another positive feedback today. Thanks so much for answering my questions and the lightning fast, no hassle shipment. Will definetly buy another machine from you in the future. Thanks again. Jeff K. 08/24/03


I just wanted to send you an email to say "thank you very much for the fast shipping, professional packaging and the beautiful machine that you sent to me". If I ever decide to shop for more of these or anything related, I will definitely consider your company first and foremost. Oh, and thanks for the keychain. That was a nice touch..You will receive an appropriate positive feedback from me!.....Happy Days! Bob B. 08/16/2003


I purchased the Pachislo Machine Continental 4xxxx for my husband last week for his birthday, he loves it. The children bought him a stand for it, they enjoyed playing it also when they come to visit. The machine arrived in two days, I was very impressed with the fast service I received. I have recommended your company to our friends. Thanks again for making my husbands birthday special.

Sincerely, Donna H. 02/2003





Hello! I will pay for this transaction with a money order to slow things down a bit. In the last two weeks I have bought 8 of these machines from you and other vendors to really spark up my basement for parties. I am shooting for 15 machines. My wife is really getting mad at me. Well! Not too mad. She is having a blast! We have a casino boat two blocks from my business. My wife spends $200 to $400 a week at this casino. She is a gambling sickey. She has been off the boat for two weeks! That has saved me, as I figure $900. A slot player's fix is the lights, the sound, the thrill of the win. These machines supply all of that. She has won as many as two jackpots on my machines in one day. She saw that as a sign an went on the boat. She hit the big one an gave me $200 as my share! That was off a $1,200 jackpot. I can't lose buying these machines when wifey feels this way. I realize I can't keep this up for ever. She is going to lose interest some time. So far I see these machines as free! As least the boat will not get the money. Have you people ever looked at this perspective when you advertise your product. I am even having fun myself playing these machines at what I consider, No Expense! Greg R. 03/2003


Milt, Just wanted to drop an e-mail and say that we are THOROUGHLY enjoying our surf trip machine. Also all bulbs are working and everything was fine. New tokens DO make a difference.This is one of the reasons I decided to buy from Stealth, also the quick response times on e-mails (on weekends) was a big plus with me.

Ps: a couple of tech questions, if I ever need to change the bulb behind the surf trip sign on the front door how would I get to it? Also, I need to insert 3 tokens to play, can this be changed or is this a max bet machine only?

Again, thanks for the great product! Mark W. 03/2003


Just wanted Stealth Home Amusements to know that I am enjoying my recent purchase of 'Super Combi' pachinko. And for ALL ages, it seems to be getting alot of attention. As a teen-ager living in Yokohama, Japan in 1952-54, I got "hooked" on pachinko. However, those old machines are NOTHING compared to what I have and what is on the market now.

Also wish to express my appreciation for 'Stealth' identifying the machines by the actual name that appears on the machine. I have noticed another company on ebay assigning their own name to the game they have placed on auction. And for all the number one sellers and most popular machines they are promoting, many are NOT getting any bids. Some machines you can pay a slight more amount to purchase it outright before a bid is placed. Others...you don't have that option. My observations tell me that is how to distinguish the winners from the losers.

I may purchase another machine soon. Most likely it will be from 'Stealth'. Thanks. Bruce E. 03/2003


I just wanted to take a minute and thank all of you at your fine company for all the great service that comes with buying one of your products. I can't tell you that I was a little reluctant to buy a slot machine off the internet. You see I am quite reluctant to buy ANYTHING off of the internet. Well one day, after buying a new house I thought to myself, this house has a finished basement, hmmm a little clubhouse for the family.....I think I want a slot machine! Well after I looked around my town (Toledo, Ohio) all I could find were alot of blank faces and some 20 year old machines. So my search led me to the internet. I found 3 or 4 company's that sold the type of slot machine that you sell. I decided to look at just one more company, and I found yours! (Thank god!). Well after looking at both of your web sites and all of the information you have on the machines...by the way the 1-800 number helped alot also....I ordered from you. When I went to order, hmmm, I noticed to myself, there is no place for my credit card, no place to put my name....then I thought, "Oh my god, they want me to actually talk to somebody!!" ...hehe a new thing for the internet...personal service. Which by the way, I was and am very impressed with this, you can tell your's is the company who actually still wants a personal relationship with its customers......one of the few still out there....internet or no.. Well I got the machine in the mail....very excited...came when you said it would, everything ok, still worried ...."hmmm what if something breaks??"" stupid me ....we set up the machine 10 minutes later, the joystick breaks...but never fear...I call your wonderful company back up...The nice lady still remembers my voice, (very personable), actually cares about my problem, and hooks me up with the Genius Mike the service guy!! Mike the service-guy, a god-send to people like me who don't know how to fix anything....he not only diagnosed the problem in under like 10 minutes, he was very nice and respected me very much, he had loads of patience, and in today's world you just don't find ANY company's like this with such personable service and actual people who care about you. I had another small problem later, Mike again diagnosed it and fixed over the phone.

Every correspondence I have had with your company has been a pleasant one, and would seriously consider buying more from you....you are the only one I would ever buy from or would ever recommend to any of my friends or people that would possibly ask me how to get a great, fun and exciting.....trouble free slot machine.

Trouble free...to some it means....problem free.....like your company....the fine people and very nice people by the way...you have working for you and with you made this whole experience GREAT!

Once again THANK YOU!!! for everything......not everything at first was perfect...but through you....you made it perfect!

THANK YOU again for being there with great support, who was very patient and kind and actually cared about my problems.....


Sorry it might seem that I am ranting but when one finds such things, one tend to go on!!

THANK YOU AGAIN David G 04/2003

P.s. If you want to use any of this e-mail you have my blessing!


hi Milt, received both of the machines I ordered fast and in perfect condition. Having a blast playing them!! Thanx again for all your help with the machines and I will be buying more very soon to fill up my game room!

Jarrod P. 07/24/02


Hi Milt and all at Stealth, I purchased my Bang Bang machine about 2 weeks ago now and continue to be so impressed with your operation that I don't feel I will be adequately able to express my feelings about you and your company. But let me start by saying this was my first machine and I was completely in the dark about features and operations, so much research was needed, yours was one of the first ads I found on ebay and it impressed me right away. The claims you made in the ad seemed to be of service you would expect from a neighborhood store in a country town in the 1950s. I was amazed at what you offered, and by your description of your products and your company I felt you were someone who could be trusted. During my many phone calls to you the phone was always answered or I was called right back, sometimes even late at night. When the machine arrived and I was going through the check list you provided I found a wiring harness that appeared to go to the hopper was not connected. I called Tech support and was immediately contacted by Eduardo, he confirmed where the wire went and I was up and running. Just over the past weekend I started getting error messages IC again I received a call from Eduardo and he had a list of probable causes. He even went as far as to give me his cell phone number so I could call him back when I came home so he could walk me through the repair. I would like to say things like You should be proud to have such an employee as Eduardo, but after reading all of the testimonials it is apparent that you employee only the highest caliber people. Please let Eduardo know that I think the information paid off, I have been cleaning and examining that coin mech. most of the evening and now consider myself well versed in its operation. I can't believe the prompt curious service. Hey, I thought yous new yorkers were supposed to be rude and obnoxious :) In closing I would just like to say that everything you promised has thus far been delivered, and as I was saying to Eduardo this afternoon your company is one of the few that would still get a positive feedback if consumers were able to leave it a few months after the sale. Keep up the good work, and I will be buying from you again soon.

T. D 07/14/02



It has been over a year since I bought my 7 Lines machine from you and it is still working as good today as it did the day I took it out of the box. Not even a light bulb has had to be replaced in it.

This is definitely one of the best entertainment values I have ever made.

Thanks Again, Ken D 07/01/02


I rcvd the bulbs. Thank you Stealth!! You are a great company!

Jesse 06/20/02


Milt and Marie, I just received my two latest machines. "Fever Queen" is a truly amazing piece of technology. I was really blown away. The other machine is "Beaver". I just couldn't resist this one. Just check out my last name and you'll see why. I think I'll just lie and tell everyone that it's personally monogrammed.

Thanks again, you guys are the best Ken & Dinah B. 06/13/02


Just a note to thank you. Today I received the switch you sent me to replace the one that was broken on the slot machine I received from you Wednesday. I replaced the switch and it works like new. Thank you for the quick service, friendly support and fun toy. I have told my friends about Stealth Amusement as they are interested now that they have seen mine.

Again thank you for your help - Larry 05/26/02


Hey Guys,

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with my recent purchase of a Ward of Light slot.

The machine is great as were the extras you threw in.

I did have a problem when my key was lost in shipping and I called customer service. Imagine my surprise at a new key being sent priority mail !!!

How many businesses would care that much?

Many Thanks,

Malcolm B 05/20/02


Milt & Maria - I purchased the net blackjack pachislo machine for my 84 year old father last month and I had to write to you and let you know how pleased I am with the product and your customer service. The slot machine is just beautiful (I thank Maria for her personal recommendation!) and the support from you & your staff is unbelievable.! I can see your priorities are customer service. I would highly recommend your company to anyone in the market for a slot machine or other home amusement item. I will definitely purchase again! Dad is so proud of this slot machine and it sits proudly in the dining room! He plays it every day and when company stops by he has so much fun showing it off. For 84 years old it didn't take him long to figure out how to work, reset and change the winning odds! He loves this machine and I have Stealth Home Amusement to thank for such an effortless transaction and wonderful support.

Thanks again, Connie M. 05/15/02


Hello to you all.... My Mother LOVES the slot machine!!!! Kudos to you all and soon I will buy one from you. Thanks for everything. yours Tom.... 04/03/02


Hi Milt,

I was just wanting to drop a line to you letting you how pleased we are with our slot "Super Star Dust" machine we purchase about a month ago on Ebay. You would not believe the comments we have gotten from our guests who have played it. I think the most used saying in my house now is "It's my turn to play" and this is coming from the adults not the kids. My wife and I have talked about getting a couple more slots for our game room, we have our eye on a couple of your NET slots they look to be very nice machines. So hopefully in the near future we will have the new additions to our game room. We thank you again for selling such a GREAT and FUN product, we would not think of ever buying from anyone else but STEALTH HOME AMUSEMENT.

Steve D. 05/08/02



I received my machine everything looks and works better than expected. Look forward to purchasing a few more. It kept my wife out of the riverboat last night! The way I look at it, its paid for itself in about 12 hours! Only have one minor problem. The ashtray was off lying in the coin hopper when I received the machine. It is missing the setscrew and stud to hold it in place. I also want to compliment you on your turn around time. I never expected it to arrive on my doorstep in three days! I have been waiting 12 days to receive one from someone else, plus shipping was double. Last question, do you sell auto stop chips, extra tokens and the pachinko machines?

Thanks for any help.

Bill 03/21/02


Stealth Staff,

I received my machine today, it looks great! No problems. My second Stealth Machine.

Thank-you again,

Al Michigan 03/19/02


Hi Milt, It's been little over a week since I received my ROCKY slot machine, and I couldn't be happier. I am most impressed with the quality and condition of the machine. I must say that I was a little nervous since this was my first purchase of a slot, and to buy something without seeing it in person can be a somewhat stressful situation. Thank you for your help when the machine arrived. I have already given you web address to three people who are interested in purchasing a slot. I advised them to use your company only. Thanks Again Vinny 03/17/02 NY


Milt, I received my Kongdom machine a few days ago now and have set it up. I can't thank you enough for the cutomer care you gave prior to the purchase. That is the clear reason that I wanted to purchase a slot from you only. The machine looks great and runs great. Thanks again. -Mark 02/18/02


I just received the Duel Dragon machine yesterday afternoon. I am very pleased with the machine so far. I only have two concerns about the machine. How do you adjust the volume on this model? I watched the video and read the instructions sent with it and they all refer to a switch on the inside of the door. I can not locate the switch, only a small push button that does not seem to change the volume. There is a part I would like to check on also. It is a small plastic piece that screws into the lower front panel on the door and holds the panel on to the door, kind of like a plastic clip. One of these is broken on my machine. If they are not readily available I will not be concerned since that is very minor and not really noticeable. I have been very pleased with this machine and your service, and would recommend you to anyone Thanks A Miller 02/05/02


Hi Milt, Received the Tanuki Slot Machine and it arrived safe & sound. My cousin is thrilled with it. He is homebound and I think this just became his best friend. Just left positive feedback for you on ebay. Thanks, Essie 02/24/02


An unsolicited letter from one of our customers to another potential customer doing research on us:

February 10, 2002

In reply to your inquiry, I've purchased several machines from Milt at Stealth Home Amusement (demos777) and have found him excellent and he deals well with his customers. I had purchased a machine and then ordered an auto-stop unit for the reels. When the unit arrived, I had a box with instructions but no module. When I called Milt he found the unit had been left in a test machine. Not only did he apologize profusely, he sent the unit out Express Mail at his expense and I had it in a day. That's service. He has answered questions, and done all he could to be helpful. I'm trying to find space for another machine and if so, will definitely buy it from him. There are other "deals" on ebay, but I find some may charge a little less, but give you only 250 tokens instead of 500 (if you buy, order an extra 500. It's best to have 1000 tokens so that you don't have to go into the machine as often), no bulbs (or one at most), and charge more for shipping. There is one outfit, AbestBuy.com, who is always talking about how many positive feedbacks he has, but I don't trust the ads. Milt is honest, gives you 500 tokens plus 10 bulbs and charges just $49 for shipping. If the machine you buy is a brand called NET, which is excellent, because it uses two types of bulbs Milt includes ten of each. I would not hesitate to buy from him, whether it be on ebay or his own websites, www.stealthhomeamusement.com, or www.planethollyweb.com. If you go that route, be sure to join his e-mail club. That way you get announcements of specials, plus $25 off any machine he shows. In short, I would not hesitate to recommend Milt and his company. He has certainly played fair with me.

Mark L.


Hi Milt,

Feel free to post our positive feedback on your website - you are an asset and it is rare to find a company with such a quality product and so helpful, with such a great warranty and amazing customer service. Thanks again - we appreciate your tips and the extra light bulbs!

Denise and Jim D. 02/10/2002


Hi Milt,

I got my machine today (a day earlier than expected) and after lugging it home and unpacking it, I have to say, I couldn't be happier.

The packing, Shipping time, condition of the machine (It doesn't even look slightly used) and your instruction booklet and key attached to the back with the plastic coil made this a great experience.

(I was so scared that this would be defective and I would have to ship it back, but your instructions explained in perfect English, how to reset the machine). Some of the other vendors descriptions on ebay read poorly, I can't imagine that they have easy to understand instructions included.

Anyway, I left (very) positive feedback on ebay and feel free to have any of your future potential clients email me if they have any concerns, I'll be glad to let them know they are dealing with the best!

Cheers- Mitch 01/24/2002


Hi Milt,

There was actually no trouble caused and everything turned out fine! I had a few questions and gave them to Marie.

All in All, it has been a pleasure doing business with you and feel free to use me as a satisfied customer reference.

Gary 11/02/2001


Milt and Staff,

Thank you so much for your patience. We receieved the Frozen Nights machine on Friday. It has now taken its rightful place in our game room. We would like you to now that we are very grateful for your patience and tenacity. There were times that we thought we would never recieve the machine but you proved us wrong.

With all good news, there is always some bad news. The machine is running fine now but when we received it, the coin ramp that sends the coin from the slot to the hopper was broken. We have attached a picture of the broken piece. We were able to fix the ramp with some duct tape but were wondering if you had an extra one we could have?

The sign of a great company is how it handles its customers. Thank you again.

Sherri and Jeremy 10/13/2001

(we sent them the replacement part!)


We really like the Hot Rod Queen-- also if you ever do get another Elvis in-- let me know. We have sold 3 today already---Dunk Shot- Hot Rod Queen & Naval Battle. Thanks again!!! It has been a pleasure doing business with an honest person over the internet. Rosemary 10/12/2001


Mr. Cohen, I can not begin to tell you how much we enjoy the slot and pachinko units we purchased from you. We have the STARDUST set up in our living room next to the hutch. It adds a very nice ambiance to the room at night with the house lights off or down. The AIRPLANE PACHINKO, AZTECA and BATTLE KNIGHT machines are in our play room and are a great deal of fun to relieve the stresses of the day. Here are pictures of the machines.... feel free to use them in any way you wish to show others how we set them up for our home. Again, Thank you for your assistance.

David H. 09/21/2001


Milt, Hope everything is okay with you, your family and your staff. Hope you weren't very close to the New York or DC areas.

I just wanted to let you know that we really enjoy your newsletter. It gives us an idea what is going on at Stealth Home Amusement. We wanted to let you know we think you are doing a fantastic job with Stealth and have made it much better. The videos are very helpful and let us know what the machines are like.

My boss might be interested in the American slot machines. What kind of warranty do they have? How much do you think freight would be to KY?

Thanks a lot for all your help.

Peggy B. 09/17/2001


Hi there. I just wanted to thank you for such great service and quick shipping on my "Bingo" slot machine. My wife and kids love it (so do I, of course!). All the guys in the neighborhood love it, too - so I've turned them on to your website and your Ebay auctions. Hopefully you'll get some "word of mouth" business here in Acworth, Georgia.

At any rate, I'd like to buy some more tokens the "Stealth" tokens sound cool) and would like to buy them using Paypal instead of a credit card. Let me know if you accept payment for the tokens this way. I'm looking for 1000 tokens.

Thanks so much. I look forward to your reply - and thanks again for such great service and quality merchandise!


A truly satisfied customer,

Brian 07/24/01


Dear Milt- Thank you SO MUCH for the harness for my Frozen Nights! After plugging it in (and re-soldering about 20 other chewed wires), I am back in operation. Right now, I'm in the middle of a cross-town move. Once I am settled, I'm going to contact you. I'm looking to purchase an Olympia King Shark, but in the middle of the moving chaos, I've no place to put it (or my other 5 pachislos, my bally, my Mills, my craps table, etc for that matter). I am very glad to see that Stealth still puts an emphasis on customer satisfaction & I will be in touch in the next couple of months.

Thanks again. Best, Mike P. From NY. 06/27/01


Milt, I received the 007 Slot machine on Monday and everything works great. Thanks for everything. Plan to order another machine soon. I provided feedback for you on E-bay and Public Eye. "Seller is an endangered species !!! Milt, truly cares about his customers. A+"

Thanks again,

Willaim W. 06/17/01


Hi Milt, Thanks for everything, I really appreciate all your help. The machine arrived yesterday, it looks great and works like a charm. I left the following feedback for your eBay user ID: *** WOW *** What a slot!!! Used? Looks NEW!!! Great Transaction-Thanks Milt ***

When I'm in the market for another slot, there is absolutely no doubt where I'll turn - "Stealth Amusements".

Again, thanks for everything.

Don T. 06/15/01


June 1, 2001

Dear Milt:

I first found out about Stealth through web browsing. My first experience was in asking for sample tokens to use in an older quarter electric slot machine. I thought the tokens would be a lot less expensive than quarters if they would work. One of your aides said the samples would be sent. After a reasonable time they had not arrived. I called and wound up speaking with you personally. You said you'd expedite the samples and they arrived very shortly. The tokens worked and I ordered 1000 of them.

Then, I received one of your e-mail special offers and bought a NET Slotman machine. It was ordered on a Saturday, shipped the following Monday, and I had it in Southern California that Friday! The machine arrived in great shape and my wife and I have really enjoyed it. We've also appreciated the prompt personal responses to any questions we had.

I saw that you had an auto-stop unit for the NETs and ordered one. The package came within just a few days. Upon opening the box, I found packing paper, a plastic envelope and inside, the instructions, but no board. I called and you immediately apologized and said you would expedite it to me. The board arrived the next day via Express Mail. Now I know that was an additional expense to you that probably negated any profit you would have made on the sale. But, it solidifies my feeling that your firm offers something rare in todays's times--true customer service and a desire to please and take care of a customer. Am I impressed? Yes. Do I appreciate the service? Absolutely. Will I buy from Stealth again? Count on it.

You have a great firm, Milt, and I will certainly recommend Stealth to anyone interested in a pachi-slo type machine. I wish you and Stealth continued good fortune.


Mark L. from CA.



I would like to thank you and your staff for making my purchase from Stealth Home Amusement so easy. When I came up with the idea to buy a slot machine for my home recreation room all I knew about them was that you put money in, pulled the arm, and hoped for the best. I had a thousand questions and no idea who to ask. But when I started doing my research, the obvious choice of just who to buy from became clear very quickly.

The first thing I did was go to the Internet and find the top sellers of recreational slot machines; once I had the top three company names I contacted each of them with a few questions to see the type of response I would receive. Two of the companies gave almost identical responses, all they wanted me to do was buy a machine from them, and do it right now. Their warranties were very limited and one of the two had a warranty that was almost an "AS IS" type deal.

However, of the three company names that I started with, one company advised me to take my time and shop around before I made a purchase, so I could see for myself that theirs was the best warranty, best product, and the best all around deal in the market today. That company was Stealth Home Amusement.

During my research not only did I find that your product and warranty was the best, but I also found something that is greatly lacking in the business world today; people that actually care about their customers, not just someone wanting to make a quick buck. I have spoke to both you, and members of your staff, during this purchasing process and each time I have felt as though I was speaking with personal friends. You have also taken the time to answer my questions and help me learn about the product I have purchased.

I feel that I would be lacking if I did not point out to you the one member of your staff that has been most helpful to me, Maria has been great. I'm warning you now, if I ever start my own business I'm going to try my best to get her to give up New York and move to the Sunshine State to be a part of my team. (Sorry Milt.)

Once I received my slot machine I found that Stealth not only has great people, it also backed up its promise to sell only the best of the best machines on the market. The machine I received looked new inside and out, and it plays great. I'm looking forward to many years of fun playing a machine that I know will last a long, long time.

Thanks again, I'm looking forward to doing more business with Stealth in the very near future.

Ken from Florida 05/30/01


Hi Milt:

Boy am I ever jealous...my neighbor received his slot machine late Friday. You were correct, the Net brand machines are just fantastic. Never knew a machine could have so many features as his does. They are just thrilled with it. And so am I. I had fun with it.

Maybe we can talk about upgrading and doing a possible swap or trade in with our Light A Lamp machine. Could you email me back as to what the specifics would be if you would be willing to take a trade in for a Net Machine? If you are willing to do this, could I bid on one on Ebay. I know that I would have to pay shipping back to you, and we wouldn't need any tokens whatsoever. Haven't decided which machine yet, but this is something the wife and I have been just kicking around. Let us know, ok? Also know that it doesn't come with the cocktail waitress!!

Anyways, they just love the machine and are waiting for the autostop to arrive. Left you a positive feedback both on ebay and Public Eye. (I think that is what it is called, the one on your website.)

Thanks...waiting to hear from you

Darryl 05/07/2001


greetings milt:

thank you for the quick responce, its refreshing to see that someone out there appreciates the consumer, should this net-machine be in perfect working order, I would be more then pleased to do buissness with your company again and again, word of mouth gets around, I will do a follow up once the machine arrives, my friends from up north would be please to hear that some one out there knows how to do buissness on the internet, wishing you and yours the very best of luck this year, I would definetally recomend you to all of my friends.

MICHAEL & DOROTHY from south florida..... 04/10/01


Milt, Just wanted to thank you for such a smooth deal on our new 7vs$ machine We love it. it has been a great addition to our game room. We still can't figure out what the numbers are that rack up on the top center above the reels. the points disappear when you play next round.also the Gold and red & signs don't pay anything when lined up while the darker & signs with the Black inside seem to . Quite an experience to hit the big bonus.Also quite an experience to call, Get a answering machine and get the call returned in less than 5 minutes.Thats what I call a support line! Reenie and I are saving our money now to get one more machine And it will certainly be from you. Thanks again Milt, Tom W. and Reenie A. 04/04/01


Dear Milt,

Talk about Customer Service Support !!!! I attained a 4.0 going for my Masters Degree at Polytechnic University for Operations Management and I have never seen a company in my life respond as quickly to a customer (actually a prior customer of the last owner) as you. Now thats impressive !! I've worked as a Senior Analyst Engineer for 15 years now and dealt with many companies Domestic & Foreign, and I must say, I have never seen anything quite like this!!! If more companies used your company as a model of perfection regarding Customer Service/Support, I'm sure they would reap substantial long term profits !! I can just imagine what quality of Machines you must demand as well. Congratulations on your first year of the business. If this is an indication of how you do business, you will do quite well (as I am sure you are and have been from reading your e-mails). Keep up the good work and good luck to you sir !!You have just solidified another future customer and I will recommend your company to anyone I hear of that wants a great Parislo Machine. Thanks again for the copy of the manual.


An Impressed Kenneth L. 03/24/01


Marie: Thank you. I received the socket and bulb and it works great. Your customer service is fantastic I am very happy that I purchased the slot machine from your company. Keep up the good work. Thanks, gg 02/02/01


Hi Milt and Staff

Just wanted to say thanks for the hopper. The Boo Boo Brothers is all fixed! Working as it should, paying out the correct amount. I hope I don't need any more replacement parts. But it's nice to know you people are there to help me out when I need it.

Thanks again!

Ken C. 01/31/01


Hi - I just wanted to let you know I received the Kaba slot machine and I'm extremely statisfied with the quality. I have had problems with some other on-line slot machine dealers in the past so I thank you for being honest and selling quality machines.

Scott F Tampa, Florida 01/03/01

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